Projects Run by ORCA

Test Project

Project to Test App Functionality

Phase I: HELP Repair/Reconstruct/Develop ORCA Polli Moktarpur & Kuakata

Dear Old Friends, Greetings from the ORCA Polli Committee (OPC). From my recent posts, we may have had our memories refreshed as to how concerned and compassionate ORCA brothers at home and abroad ...more

Relief & Rehabilitation

As winter is rapidly approaching with it's cold temperatures and misery, especially in the northern area of the country, ORCA is once again planning to stand beside the unfortunates and needy famil ...more

OBF Fund Raising

ORCA Benevolent fund has been operating for the last couple of years providing much needed financial assistance to our own needy members. We have depleted our fund. A "Fair Share", minimum amount e ...more

COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has created havoc in all our lives. It has disproportionately affected the poor, the day-laborers. As the days of the epidemic drags on the economic toll will be worsening, result ...more

ORCA Palli

Soon after the 1998 countrywide devastating flood apart from massive relief activities, ORCA badly felt the necessity of rehabilitating the poor landless floating people of the country. ORCA took u ...more

ORCA Homes

ORCA HOMES is the concept of building an orphanage to rear underprivileged children of the society. With 7 children 'ORCA Homes' was commissioned in 1999 which has not accommodation of 30 children. ...more

ORCA Blood for Life (OBL)

ORCA stared its maiden journey of voluntary blood donation in 1982 and established a permanent stream for blood supply and named it ‘ORCA Blood for Life (OBL)’. Between 1982 and 16th De ...more